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dos logo - a salon in palm desert
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Simplicity in form
The name DOS is concise, memorable, and graceful, which makes it easily adaptable as a logo in itself. This avoids any necessity to explain a symbol or abstract form by the addition of the company name. (Chanel, IBM, and Coca-Cola are all classic examples of non-descriptive typographic marks.)

Clarity in message
In the development of the DOS logo, it was necessary that style, fashion, and familiarity (a relaxed attitude) were all characteristics embodied in the form – as they all reflect what DOS is.

Though work was done with other forms, the circle was kept at the forefront. In this case, the circle was an interpretation of spotlights – fashion, runways, a theatre marquee. It connotes show, but not artificiality; glamour, but not ostentation. Objectively, the circle is a symbol of perfection, and eternity, the embodiment of grace and simplicity.

Lowercase letterforms were chosen because they cast off formality. Yet in the combination of the letterforms, elements, and sizes, the mark remains solid and immovable.

Everything about the DOS logo is circular and moving, similar and contrasting, stable and energetic.

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